How Creatively Can You Use Technology in Exhibition Stands To Increase Engagement?

If you plan to showcase your business idea or product through outdoor exhibition stands, you must plan the technologies accordingly. Exhibition stands are unquestionably a great and effective way to reach many customers. However, you must use a few technological hacks to engage your customers at the stands. Are you planning to display your products through exhibition stands UK? Make sure you resort to these technologies to make your engagement high. 


What are the unique technologies to use in exhibition stands for quick engagement?

Use virtual reality options 

VR and AR are the two most affordable and high-end applications that instantly grab attendees' attention. You can take the help of VR and AR to highlight product features or showcase new product launches. This will attract people readily to your exhibition stand. 

Set up user-generated content 

Social media is the new influencer in the life of every customer. Branded hashtags, photo booths and selfie stations are a few things that will attract more and more customers to your stand. Once they are in, explain the mission, vision and the product goal. 

Include interactive games 

Include a few games and quizzes for your customers to make your exhibition stand different. As they participate, they will be drawn to your stands. If you’re promoting a new product, keep them as samples with the gift hampers. This will evoke more awareness about the product within a short span, that too with the minimum amount of investment. 

Arrange for live webinars or demos

Engagement can be triggered instantly if you arrange for live demos or webinars of your business products and services through your stands. People love to see live demos. It gives them a fair idea of the product quickly. 

Provide information-sharing options 

You can use a smart strategy of including QR codes and website links on the hoardings of the exhibition stands so that the customers visiting the stands can get information through simple scanning. This will help the customers with quick and instant information for which you’ve built up the exhibition stand.

Interactive human demonstrations

The most traditional method of engaging customers on exhibition stands is through impactful and continuous human interactions. Make sure you appoint knowledgeable people on the stands so that they can share useful information about the business and its products with the customers or enquiries. 

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