UK Cyber Week

UK Cyber Week

Get to grips with the risks that will actually impact your business. There are no filler sessions here, or panel discussions without purpose. Our programme is designed to specifically address the real issues affecting you day-to-day. Understand the strategies businesses can use to overcome these risks and build an enduring culture of security within your company.

Scope out the cybersecurity skills you need within your business and learn how to acquire them. Meet world class experts who are on the front line of cybersecurity, make the most of their expertise and implement their tips post-event.

Opening times*
Tuesday: 9:30am - 5:00pm
Wednesday: 9:30am - 4:00pm

*times subject to change

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Islington, 52 Upper St, London N1 0QH


08/05/2024 - 09/05/2024


2,000 - 3,000


Business Design Centre, London

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